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Pre Roll Packaging Labels

Pre-roll packaging labels are the most contemporary and holistic method to market products on all crucial levels of marketing. This packaging solution is so simple yet so effective that almost all CBD brands are turning towards it for effective marketing and packaging. Not only it is an effective tool for packaging but can turn out to be an efficient tool to make the products more visible and enticing for the customers. The customers can lavishly enjoy a little joint role of marijuana while they also get to enjoy the perks of better marketing of your brand. 

Custom Box World is your go-to packaging companion. We understand all the market dynamics and trends and make your brand stand out with contrasting colours, bright patterns and high-quality printing solutions. We help our customers to leave a solid imprint on their customers with the most alluring and comprehensive pre-roll packaging labels.



Top Quality Offset Digital Printing
Short & Bulk Run Start from 50 Boxes
Cost Less Die Plate Charges
6-8 working days Turnaround time
Free Designing Support
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Hype Your Products in the Market by Acquiring the Finest Pre Roll Packaging Labels 


Pre-roll packaging labels are the first and foremost requirement of a brand especially when they are dealing in small and on-the-go products. They just have a limited amount of time to attract the audience and grasp the attention of their customers from a brand marketing point of view. They are a great tool to enhance, build and advocate the products to the right customer base. Sometimes, when the brand can pull off the pre-roll packaging labels in the right manner, they can even help them tap into a wider and new customer base. 

Custom Box World provides a plethora of wide range of customization options for their customers so that the brands can enjoy the freedom of better marketing and brand recognition all at the price of one. We offer various sizes and shapes for your brand’s customer packaging such as ovals, rectangles and squares. All you have to do is communicate with our team of designers and we will procure the best possible solutions for your pre-roll packaging labels. 


Exquisite Printing Services for Better Brand Recognition and Customer Outreach 

No brand can escape the claws and effect of marketing on its brand image. Whether big or small, established or beginner, every brand is in dire need of marketing strategies to keep the revenue flow streamlined and stable. That is one of the most common reasons why brands tend to resort to several marketing tactics such as influencer marketing and billboard. The sole purpose is to divert more attention to their products. What they need to understand more is that they can achieve all that by just ensuring that the vape packaging of the product is more effective and stimulating. 

We help you achieve this. Our pre-roll packaging labels are sophisticated, premium, and top-notch and add up to the aesthetic appeal of the products. Not only it will be an indication of the brand’s commitment to serving high-end packaging solutions for its customers, but will also enhance its market visibility in a tough-to-explore and rule retail market. 


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