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Discover the perfect packaging solution for your cigarettes with CustomBoxesWorld's premium custom cigarette boxes. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our boxes elevate your brand and create an unforgettable experience for your customers.

From the moment they hold your custom boxes, they'll feel the quality and craftsmanship that reflect your commitment to excellence. With a wide range of customization options, including elegant finishes, eye-catching designs, and sustainable materials, our custom cigarette boxes are tailored to showcase your brand's unique personality.

Stand out in the market, captivate your audience, and leave a lasting impression with packaging that speaks volumes about your brand's identity. Choose CustomBoxesWorld for exceptional packaging that demands attention and sets your brand apart from the competition.



Top Quality Offset Digital Printing
Short & Bulk Run Start from 50 Boxes
Cost Less Die Plate Charges
6-8 working days Turnaround time
Free Designing Support
Request Free Custom Quotation
ProductCigarette Boxes
Box StyleCustomized
Box SizeProvide us your custom size, in Width x Length x Depth
MOQShort Run and Bulk
Cardboard stock300 GSM, 350 GSM, 420 GSM, Brown Kraft Recycled Cardboard Stock
Printing ColorsNo Printing, Full Colors CMYK Printing. Pantone Matching Colors Printing.
Finishing  Gloss Shiny Lamination. Matte Dull Look Lamination.
IncludedDie Cutting, Gluing, Scored, Perforation
Additional Embossing, Window Patching, Silver Foiling, Gold Foiling
Digital ProofFree Digital Proofing for approval before printing.
Turnaround Time6-8 business days after approval on Digital proof, shipped by DHL/FedEx (Express services available)

Premium Cigarette Boxes for Distinctive Branding and Unforgettable Packaging

Welcome to CustomBoxesWorld, where we specialize in crafting exquisite cigarette boxes wholesale that elevate your brand and leave a lasting impression. With our extensive range of customization options and attention to detail, we bring your vision to life, creating packaging solutions that captivate your audience and set you apart from the competition.

The Ultimate Branding Canvas for Unforgettable Experiences

Cigarette boxes UK are more than just packaging—they are a canvas for unforgettable brand experiences. Let your brand story unfold through our custom boxes, carefully crafted to engage your customers on a deeper level.

From innovative opening mechanisms to personalized messages, we believe in creating moments that leave a lasting impression. Elevate your brand storytelling and create anticipation with packaging that goes beyond expectations.

Plus… your brand deserves to be noticed, and our high-quality custom packaging solutions ensure that your cigarettes make a striking impression from the moment they hit the shelves.

Cigarette Boxes UK that Demand Attention

In the competitive world of cigarette brands, it's crucial to stand out. Our custom cigarette boxes are tailored to unleash the power of packaging, leaving a lasting impression on your customers. From eye-catching designs to exquisite finishes, we understand the importance of capturing attention and captivating your target audience. With our expertise, your brand will shine like never before.

Create a Lasting Impression with High-Quality Cigarette Packaging

At CustomBoxesWorld, we believe that packaging should be more than just a plain box—it should be an experience. Our high-quality cigarette packaging solutions are designed to create a lasting impression on your customers. From the moment they hold your custom boxes in their hands, they'll feel the quality and craftsmanship that your brand represents. Let your packaging speak volumes about your commitment to excellence.

The Perfect Packaging Companion for Your Brand

Your brand is unique, and so should be your packaging. Our tailor-made cigarette boxes are the perfect packaging companions to enhance your brand's identity.

We understand that every detail matters, and our team of experienced designers and packaging experts works closely with you to bring your vision to life. Together, we'll create packaging that truly represents your brand's personality and captivates your audience.

Unlock the Potential of Persuasive Packaging

Persuasive packaging can be a game-changer for your brand, and our custom cigarette boxes are designed to unlock that potential.

With our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality, your packaging will stand out on store shelves, enticing customers to choose your brand over the competition. Experience increased sales and customer loyalty as your packaging becomes a powerful tool for brand recognition and recall.

Enhance Your Brand Identity with Custom Cigarette Boxes

In a crowded market, standing out is essential. Enhance your brand identity with our custom printed cigarette boxes that make a statement.

Our team of designers and packaging experts will work closely with you to create packaging that aligns with your brand's values and resonates with your target audience. Don't settle for ordinary—let your packaging be a reflection of the extraordinary brand you've built.

Partner with CustomBoxesWorld today to take your brand to new heights. Our expertise in custom cigarette boxes will elevate your packaging game and leave a lasting impression on your customers. 

Stand out in the market, establish a strong brand identity, and unlock the potential of unforgettable branding. Contact us now to discuss your packaging needs and embark on a journey of captivating packaging.

Delight Your Customers with Sustainable Cigarette Packaging Solutions

In today's eco-conscious world, sustainability is more important than ever. Delight your customers and showcase your brand's commitment to the environment with our sustainable cigarette packaging solutions.

We understand the significance of reducing your carbon footprint and offer a range of eco-friendly materials and designs that align with your brand values. Stand out as a responsible and environmentally conscious brand with packaging that not only captivates but also makes a positive impact.


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