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You will find multiple candle packaging in the market however nothing can beat the elegance and functionality of candle jar boxes. These boxes are designed by us with care and considering the demands and details of our clients.In other words, our candle jar boxes are customized to fit various candle sizes, securing them properly to prevent movement during transport. The sturdy construction also offers protection against breakage, safeguarding the delicate glass jars and the intricately designed lids. The premium materials used in these boxes give a luxurious feel, making them an ideal choice for high-end candle brands aiming to leave a lasting impression. But our boxes don't just fulfil the purpose of providing protection. They also help brands tell their story. As our custom candle jar boxes have a lot of space to not only showcase logos but visuals and many other information. Whether displayed on retail shelves or shipped to customers, our candle jar boxes ooze sophistication, promoting a sense of anticipation and delight.

So, are you all set to take your candle brand to new heights? If so, our candle jar boxes are the ones you need!



Top Quality Offset Digital Printing
Short & Bulk Run Start from 50 Boxes
Cost Less Die Plate Charges
6-8 working days Turnaround time
Free Designing Support
Request Free Custom Quotation
ProductCandle Jar Boxes
Box StyleCustomized
Box SizeProvide us your custom size, in Width x Lenght x Depth
MOQShort Run and Bulk
Cardboard stock300 GSM, 350 GSM, 420 GSM, Brown Kraft Recycled Cardboard Stock
Printing ColorsNo Printing, Full Colors CMYK Printing. Pantone Matching Colors Printing.
Finishing  Gloss Shiny Lamination. Matte Dull Look Lamination.
IncludedDie Cutting, Gluing, Scored, Perforation
Additional Embossing, Window Patching, Silver Foiling, Gold Foiling
Digital ProofFree Digital Proofing for approval before printing.
Turnaround Time6-8 business days after approval on Digital proof, shipped by DHL/FedEx (Express services available)

Candle Jar Boxes: Add the Right Amount of Style to Your Candle Packaging

In the magical world of candles, where people get hundreds of options these days there is one vital thing that often gets ignored: the candle jar box. These simple boxes contain more than just wax and wick; they contain memories, spark feelings, and even protect valuable smells.

The candle industry survives not just on product quality, but also on the way the candles are displayed.  Our print candle jar boxes emerge as an important component in this scenario, acting as a strong link between workmanship and customer experience. Their usefulness goes beyond simply aesthetics to include protection, branding, and functional ease.

Apart from their visual appeal, our boxes are pillars of protection, guaranteeing that fragile candles reach buyers in great condition. The durable structures of our candle jar boxes UK protect the contained treasures from outside threats, preventing breaking and maintaining the fragrance within. 

Also, our candle jar boxes serve as brand ambassadors as well. They are transformed in a manner that represents a brand's identity, values, and style thanks to their customisable designs and printing possibilities. Window cutouts may be added to these boxes, providing tempting views of the enclosed beauty and tempting buyers.

As we set off on our trip to discover the multiple significance of candle jar boxes, we'll look at their various characteristics and the benefits they provide to companies and customers alike. From protection to presentation, these simple boxes have the capacity to elevate the candle experience, making each unwrapping an exciting and delightful occasion.

The Versatility of Candle Jar Boxes

Our boxes hold more than simply candles; they also hold memories. Its strong structure and design to wrap candles eliminate any transportation anxieties. We carefully chose the materials to make our candle jar boxes so they stay protected from heat and moisture.

And yes, our candle boxes are not just to increase protection and functionality; these boxes are also about fashion. Adaptable patterns and prints reflect the personality of your brand. Cutouts allow curious hearts to see what’s inside. We can two piece candle boxes  for all types and sizes of candles.

Attractive Presentation and Branding - Print Candle Jar Boxes

When candles have user-friendly packaging, unpacking them becomes an exciting moment. We keep that in mind and come up with boxes that are not only a safe sanctuary for candles but a great wrap.

Benefits for Businesses - Candle Jar Boxes Wholesale

On store shelves, our candle jar boxes stand out like heroes. They capture customers' attention and hearts. These boxes are more than just packaging; they are storytellers. They tell the story of your brand with ease. In harmony, our boxes represent the character of each candle.

Packaging in the candle industry is about connection as well as protection. So, if you run a business you will look for candle jar boxes that become bridges between you and your customer. Well, we are here to help you out in such a situation. Not only do we provide you with customized options but candle jar boxes wholesale.


We at Custom Boxes World are experienced manufacturers. We make Candle Jar Boxes that communicate for you with your clients. Furthermore, our services are not limited to business owners as you can contact us if you need a few print candle jar boxes.


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