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How to Remove Sticky Labels From Pastic Without Scratching

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Stickers are all well and fun until they really start to stick around and leave behind a gummy gooey gunk which is tough to beat. Many people tend to fight off these gooey structures but they often are left with nails that are disintegrated and a lot of scratching is also not good for health. 

That is why people are often asking questions about how to remove sticky labels from plastic without scratching. Listed below are some of the DIY things that can help you to get rid of stickers from plastics. Make sure to pay attention to the given below things and thank us later! 

Hot Water

Hot water is one of the best things to use if you want to get rid of sticky labels. The issue with the use of hot water is that make sure the water is not that hot, otherwise, it will disintegrate the plastic from which you want to get rid of the sticky label. 

All you have to do is fill up the sink with hot water and add a few droplets of dish detergent to it. Then either immerse the product or item inside the sink or use it to wash the product. You can either wash that away with the help of a plastic scrapper or you can use your nails to get rid of all the particles. 

You should not use cold water for the removal of sticky materials because hot water tends to seal the deal better. 

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Hair Dryer

A hairdryer is not just an efficient tool for styling your hair but is also an effective way to get rid of the sticky labels that are becoming a headache for you. But make sure that you know how to use it while you are removing sticky labels from plastics. 

Here is how you will do it:

  • Take a hairdryer and plug in the switch
  • Aim the hairdryer at the residue of the sticker and adjust the instrument
  • Make sure to adjust the eat so that the adhesive is loosened up
  • Use your fingernails to remove the residue

Rubbing Alcohol and Vodka

If there is one thing that works wonders in all departments or types of material whether it's plastic, wood or glass it is rubbing alcohol and vodka. Not only it is safe to use on surfaces it is also something that is an effective solvent for scrapping off the sticker residue. In case you are unable to get your hands on rubbing alcohol, you can effectively find a substitute in the form of vodka. This is mainly because both of these substances issue the same level of cleaning effect. 

Wondering how to scrap off stickers from plastic without having to scratch off the surface. Here is how you can do it: 

  • Clean the surface with water that you need to remove the sticker from
  • Take a paper towel, and dip it in rubbing alcohol, until it is completely soaked
  • Rub the wet towel over the surface and scrape off the residue
  • Ensure that the rubbing alcohol sticks to the surface for a required period of time
  • Use a clean rag to get rid of the sticker
  • If the sticker last longer then it means that you have to repeat the entire process again


Apart from the list of materials that are being used to clean the surface, there are some market-available products which are also used to clean the surface and remove the stickers. WD-40 is one such solvent. It is used to clean surfaces and get rid of residues from stickers which are causing issues and making your surface appear untidy and messy. 

All you have to do is get your hands on the bottle, spritz some of the solution onto the spot and then wait for a few minutes before cleaning the surface with a clean towel. But make sure to ask the manufacturers about any side effects of the product. Because if there are any then you need to be mindful of those aftereffects. 

Nail Polish Remover 

Yes, you read it right. Nail polish removers are a great way to get rid of sticker residue without having the urge to scrap off the surface with your fingernails or any other material. This is mainly because of the presence of acetone inside the nail polish remover. The nail polish remover contains large amounts of this one. But remember one thing, acetone is not safe for all sorts of plastics and might also affect the skin. 

Some plastics say polypropylene tends to stand the test of time against acetone. This is mainly because of the fact that acetone will cause discolouration and damage to the plastics. The plastic that is safe for use for acetone is actually that one that comes with a recycling symbol of the number 5 on the label. 

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Peanut Butter 

Well, despite popular belief, peanut butter is not just a delicious condiment. It is something that is highly useful for cleaning off surfaces by getting rid of the sticker residues. Here is how you can get rid of stickers from plastics by using peanut butter: 

  • Clean the surface with a dry towel first
  • Estimate the sticker area
  • Take a spoonful of peanut butter and apply it to the area
  • Let it stay there for a moment until the area softens up
  • Clean the area with the help of a rag and remove the residues

Plastic Scraper

One of the easiest ways to get rid of stickers is by using plastic scrapers. A plastic scraper is a tool that helps to get rid of the residue that is making your surfaces appear untidy and messy. Do not use metal scrapers for this purpose. Those sorts of scrapers will make the surface scratchy and will cause severe damage to the furniture or any other surface on which you are using them. 

On the other hand, a plastic scraper does not do damage to the surface. A plastic scraper is not necessarily a tool but is more or less like an old gift card which can be used to get rid of the adhesive side of the sticky stickers which is making your life miserable. 

All you have to do is scrape off the adhesive with the sharp surface of the plastic scraper, then you can ensure a scraping experience which is without any hassle. Another method of getting rid of the residue is by using a dry towel to wipe off the surface and then using the sponge to remove the debris from the surface.

Remember to be extra careful in the whole process because if you are not careful it will end up causing severe scratches on the surface which will be disastrous for the whole scheme of things.

Commercial Cleaners 

There is no denying the fact that home remedies are the best when it comes to cleaning off surfaces and getting rid of sticker residue. Not only does the use of home remedies tend to have better and long-lasting effects but are also cost-effective. But in case you need a speedy recovery then you might also use commercial cleaners. 

They might cost you a few bucks but they are able to pull off the gooey residue from your surfaces in a far better manner. 

The method of application is also super easy.

  • Clean the surface nicely with the help of a dry towel
  • Then spray the commercial cleaner onto the surface
  • Wait for a few minutes
  • Let the cleaner clean the surface properly
  • Scrape the surface properly and use a rag to clean it


Canola Oil or Olive Oil 

Another kitchen remedy that is known for working wonders when applied to a surface to remove sticker residue is canola oil or olive oil. The application of either canola oil or olive can lead to the softening of the material which can then be removed with the help of a plastic knife, plastic scraper and fingers. 

After that, you can simply get rid of the residue with the help of a clean cloth. The use of a clean cloth will also help you to get rid of all the excessive oil from the surface. 

Distilled White Vinegar

There are a lot of remedies that lie in your kitchen and are not only great antiseptics but are also a great way to clean the surfaces and get rid of undesired materials from the surface. Try the magic of distilled white vinegar as it will work wonders in this context. 

All you have to do is soak the paper towel in distilled white vinegar and then apply or rub it on the surface. Try to repeat this gesture, until the area is softened and you are able to get rid of the sticky material. 

How to Remove Sticker Residue from Clothing that Has Been Washed and Dried

Make sure to get rid of the sticker from your clothes the moment you see them sticking. Do that before your clothes are hitting the dryer. But in case you are unable to do this, and the clothes are already dried then you can try the following methods to get rid of the sticker residue. 

  • Make sure to pick up the residue with your fingers as much as you can
  • Now look out whether the fabric is made up of natural fibres and synthetics
  • If the fibre is natural then all you have to do is spot the area and then apply a bit of nail polish. The acetone will do the rest of the work
  • Then wash the clothes and dry them properly
  • On the other hand, if your clothes are made up of synthetic fibres then you need to use a different strategy
  • Make sure to first place the item inside a cold structure such as a freezer and fridge for a half hour or 45 minutes
  • Take the clothes out of a freezer and get rid of all the residue which has been hardened
  • Then wet the spot again and add a bit of cleaning agent to the clothes
  • Rub the clothes properly and then take the remainder of the residue properly
  • Wash the cloth again and dry the clothes again using standard procedures of washing and drying


Can You Use Toothpaste to Remove Sticker Residue?

One of the most effective ways to get rid of stickers from surfaces whether metallic or plastic is the use of a toothbrush and a toothpaste. But make sure to avoid using toothpaste on natural substances such as wood or fabrics. This is mainly because of the fact that toothpaste tends to leave lasting stains on the fabrics because of the amount of bleach that can be present in the toothpaste. 

Therefore if you are using toothpaste on the material then you have to undergo a specific process to ensure that you are not left with regrets. Here is how you can do that: 

  • Clean the surface on which you want to get rid of the gooey residue with a dry towel
  • Apply a substantial amount of toothpaste onto the surface
  • Spread toothpaste evenly on the surface
  • Let it stay there for a period of time until the materials start to get softer and is ready to be cleaned
  • Clean the material with the help of a wet towel
  • Let the surface dry and look out for any remaining strains


A key point to remember here is that when you are using toothpaste to remove sticker residue from the surface which is mostly non-natural substances then you have to avoid using gel-based products. 

And in case you are witnessing any sort of discoloration on the surface then make sure to immediately clean the surface with a wet towel. 

The Bottom Line 

The aforementioned text contains a long list of materials that you can use to get rid of those awful stickers that are creating issues for your furniture or surfaces. Try to use these methods and figure out the one which suits you the best. 


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