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E Symbol on Packaging

What is the e Symbol on Packaging? 

If you are a UK resident then you must have come across an e-symbol on the packaged product that you are buying. Coming across that packaged product and the symbol a common question to ask here is what that symbol represents. But if you are not a curious soul, then you might not be the one questioning that sign. But for all the other people who are often intrigued by the e symbol on the packaging - this blog is for you all. Make sure to stay with us till the end while we navigate you all on a journey where we will be discussing what this symbol means, why is it there and other important information about the products. 

What is the e Symbol? 



The symbol looks like this on a package. It is not your alphabet e but is a symbol e which is a representative of the manufacturer’s compliance with the European Laws of packaging. The e symbol is also known as EEC which is the short form of European Economic Community. This is a clear indication of the fact that the manufacturer has packed the product in the required manner which is instigated by the European Legislative Authority. 

What are the Examples of Prepackaged Products? 

Given below are some of the industries whose products are often prepackaged to ensure the maintenance and keeping the products safe and sound: 

  • Food
  • Drink
  • Cosmetics
  • Cleaning products

The e symbol should be placed on the products whose weight falls in the following categories: 

  • minimum 5 grams or 5 millilitres
  • maximum 10 kilograms or 10 litres

Is the e Symbol on Packaging Mandatory? 

Well, it looks like it is but in reality, it is not a mandatory thing. However, the presence of the symbol e on the packaging ensures the compliance of the producers with the local rules and regulations enabling them to market the product across the European states. Because in other case scenarios, you can face some restrictions from the local vendors or retail store owners. This e symbol is a recognition of the prepackaged products measuring methodologies such as the volume, weight and other necessary indications which a seller is entitled to inform the buyer. 

What are the Requirements for Having the e Symbol on Packaging? 

As this is a part of the legislation, there are some things which are the basic requirements in terms of e-marked packages. 

  • If the packages are coming from the same batch then the average quantity on the package must be either equal or greater than the quantity which is mentioned on the box.
  • The nominal quantity which is representative of the e symbol should only provide a reference to the product and not the entire package. Neither it involves the package, the material used in the production of the package or the aid which is being used to procure the Cigarette packaging solution such as ice, wooden boxes and serving trays.
  • Only a limited area of the packaged product which is coming from the same batch can contain a small amount of product which might deviate from the indicated amount on the package. This condition or error is known as tolerable negative error, and the necessary context about this error is provided in EU legislation - annexe 1.



An important thing to consider here is that the presence of an e symbol on the packaged product is not an indication of the estimated product quantity. It is simply an indication of the fact that the measurement of the product is done by considering and keeping in mind the EU legislation and its driven parameters. The use of measurement methods and instruments also plays a key role in this context. 

How Should the e Symbol be Affixed on the Package? 

Now that you have a general narrative about the e symbol it is important to realize how and where you need to print it on your package. Here are some of the instructions that you need to follow in this case as a manufacturer: 

  • The symbol should be placed right next to the contents of the packaging label.
  • The height of the font of the symbol should be around 3 millimetres
  • The visibility of the symbol should be top-notch and the contrast of the packaging must be of high quality
  • The quantity which the symbol is representing should be placed next to it in the figures
  • The measurement units should be in the following context (grams, kilograms, millilitres, centilitres or litres) or their abbreviation (g, kg, ml, cl or l)

What are the Associated Quality Checks and Inspections that Come with the e Symbol? 

There are some things which a packaging company and the manufacturing company need to know while they are either packaging a product or producing a product in the first place. Listed below are some quality checks and inspection parameters for them to follow: 

The instruments, equipment and procedures which are used for the measurement of these packages should be done with the use of officially permitted measuring instruments

Quality assurance of the measuring methods to ensure that the measurement is done in the right manner

All the importers who are providing their imports to an extended market, need to comply with the rules and regulations so that the external countries are confident about their products. 

In addition to all that the national authorities are also entitled to check the packages and the e-symbol on the package to ensure that the product is packaged according to the legislation. This quality check can either occur at the start of the production chain or at the end of the distribution chain. 

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The Bottom Line

So, the aforementioned context builds a healthy narrative as to why an e symbol and its presence is essential for prepackaged products and why compliance with this symbol and its availability is necessary for the producers and packagers. We are also hopeful that our blog is helpful for you as well. 

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