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You are either living in a bubble or under a rock if you don’t know about climate change. Climate change is a phenomenon in which the overall global climate is constantly changing with every season becoming more intense than it's supposed to be. This is mainly because of the things which we have done or we keep on doing daily. Every choice either conscious or unconscious has propelled our Mother Nature towards destruction and devastation. Whether it is the use of plastic in the custom packaging or the overdependence on paper users, we have damaged the environment in more than one way and there is no debate about this fact. All around the globe and especially in the UK Custom packaging has made a sharp turn towards embracing the co-friendly tells us what the customers of this day and age are committing towards. 

They know that their practices or their choice of brands who have been using plastic is what has caused this mess in the first place. Therefore now they are shifting towards using those brands who are offering them the best of affordable rates and eco-friendly choices. These practices ensure reduced waste and better environmental returns which is the main focal point in these matters. 

What is Sustainable Packaging? 

One of the best and hands down the easiest way to ensure that the environment is being taken care of is by shifting towards eco-friendly solutions. Sustainable packaging means that brands are using those materials which are recyclable and hold a good reuse value. 

Sustainable packaging is made up of materials which are naturally present and hold good recycle or reuse value. The main goal of using these materials is that it should make the world a better and safe place for the coming generations. Sustainability is a practice in which optimal resource use is encouraged so that the resources can be made available for the coming generations. 

The modern-day customer expects the selected brands to encourage more eco-friendly materials to promote sustainable packaging. The consumers are behind this enhanced use of eco-friendly materials usage. This is why the global packaging trends especially UK custom packaging is now shifting towards using sustainable packaging. Because using eco-friendly materials is simply the best way to ensure that the environment is kept safe from all the damaging wastes. 

Why is Conscious Consumerism All the Hype? 

Conscious consumerism is an activity which is predominately linked to buyer’s behaviour. In this specific type of buyer behaviour, the buyer or the consumer is morally, ethically and financially aware of his or her buying decisions. They are not buying products in the spur of the moment. This is what affects the market and consumer behaviour on so many levels. 

So when a conscious consumer is out there in the market buying different types of products, they will pay attention to various things such as the components of the products, the impacts of their usage, how it is manufactured in the factory and how the overall scheme of things are affecting the environment. 

That is why brands have an added responsibility to not only appeal to the customers but to also assure them that the products they are relying on do not add waste to the environment. 

How is Eco-friendly Packaging Helpful? 

There is more than one way in which sustainable packaging is helping the environment and the brands. It is not only going to be beneficial for your business but it is the main need of our environment as well. From making the customers happy to making the earth happy, sustainable packaging allows you to take a leap of faith and trust us it is worthy of that. Listed below are some of the main ways sustainable packaging is going to be beneficial for your business: 

Reduced Waste Production 

When we are talking about sustainable packaging we are making sure that we are not adding up to the waste of the environment. Because the previously common practices are not going to cut. They only add to the destruction of the environment. For instance, brands were previously using plastic as the main element of packaging and plastic is a dangerous element for the environment. There are many reasons for its notorious reputation. It is non-biodegradable, which means that natural decomposers do not affect it. When disposed inside the earth it clogs the aquifers which destroys the underground water movement These are some of the factors which make the traditional soap packaging methods and materials not suitable for the current market scenarios. The use of eco-friendly materials on the other hand does not damage the environment in these ways and therefore promises a better packaging experience. 

Successfully Cuts Down CO2 Emissions

When trees are cut it leads to the production of carbon dioxide. It is a damaging gas because it disrupts the atmospheric barrier and leads to disturbance in the atmosphere. This gas is also responsible for the thin ozone layer and therefore sun rays have been reaching the earth for quite some time and damaging the environmental balance as we know it. Back in the day, trees were cut down to produce paper. The paper was then used in the packaging of the material. But in recent times as we have unearthed the damages which come with tree cutting and deforestation, we have shifted from the use of paper to the use of recyclable material. Yes, paper is an eco-friendly material but its source point is trees and we cannot cut off all the trees just for the sole case of packaging. Therefore when we shift towards using sustainable materials we are ensuring that less carbon dioxide is being added to the environment. 

Easy to Dispose or Recycle 

As we have mentioned before, one of the biggest perks of sustainable packaging is that it is eco-friendly and biodegradable. It is easy to dispose of and sometimes there is no need to dispose of it in the first place. This sort of packaging comes from the use of recyclable and reusable materials which enhances the venues of disposing of the products. What is surprisingly commendable about sustainable packaging is that when people use it all they can recycle it in more than one way and it is just a dream come true for all the sustainable packaging lovers. 

The Packaging is Multipurpose

Now people often tend to think that sustainable packaging is a rigid packaging means and it does not comply with the market standards of aesthetics, but trust us that is not the case. When you are opting for sustainable packaging, you are delivering on many fronts simultaneously. For instance, you are fulfilling the market and consumer demands of supplying them with eco-friendly materials. You can also provide them with aesthetic value because sustainable packaging and its use does not mean that you cannot try to customize it, you can and you should. 

Boosts Brand’s Personality 

When a brand is finally choosing sustainable packaging as their main soap packaging theme then they are checking various boxes. Conscious consumerism is a reality and it can make any brand a less fan-favourite. Therefore when brands are switching their focus to shift on sustainable packaging, it is something which helps the customers to build a specific image of the brand in their mind. It is both helpful for business and for pure branding reasons as well. By using the right materials in the right manner, brands can successfully attract the attention of customers towards them it is both helpful and resourceful. 

Eco-friendly Solutions Which are all the Hype 

Here are some of the sustainable packaging solutions which are currently ruling the market in more than one way: 

Recycled Cardboard and Paper

If there is one material whose usage is a tale as old as time it is cardboard. Cardboard has been in use since the packaging industry first kickstarted. And despite all the changes that the industry had to go through the cardboard paper and its importance successfully stood the test of time. The use of a single sheet of cardboard effectively reduces up to 60% of emissions from the oil and paper industry. And the same sheet of cardboard can be recycled 5-7 times. The use is simple, the dependence is amazing and yes, it is and will always be the first choice of eco-friendly packaging solutions. 

Air Pillows Made Up of Recycled Content 

While traditional packaging schemes involve the use of either styrofoam or bubble wrap to keep things going, modern packaging mechanisms tend to do things differently. The use of inflatable air pillows allows both eco-friendly solution which is cost-effective to the core. These sorts of inflatable air pillows are available in the market in various sizes and can offer the perfect protection for a variety of different products. 

Moreover, the reuse or recyclable value of air pillows is huge so you do not have to worry about disposing of them. As they consist primarily of air, the costs and venue of plastic use are cut down immensely. 

Corrugated Bubble Wrap 

Bubble wraps are equally loved by everyone whether a kid or an adult. These are not only a way to keep the products safe but also act as a stress reducer. Bubble wrap is often the first choice of those manufacturers who are looking forward to packing fragile materials. They absorb all the external action and keep the product safe and sound. However, the traditional material which was being used in the making of bubble wrap was not eco-friendly. Currently, as more and more innovations are happening around the corner, we are introduced to corrugated bubble wraps. These sorts of bubble wraps are the perfect way to keep the products safe and sound. 

This new form of bubble wrap is made up of corrugated material which provides more value and life to the whole scheme of things. It keeps things eco-friendly and allows people to engage in more productive packaging schemes. It's practically a win-win for everybody. With the use of corrugated material, the revised material is given a more profound cushioning sense and that is what makes all the difference in the world. 

But there is a downfall to this and it is that it does not allow you to burst the bubbles after you are done with this. 

Moreover, if you want to get in touch with more eco-friendly and sustainable solutions especially when you are searching for UK custom packaging, you should contact The Custom Box World. We have been successfully serving in the market and we understand the dynamics. Reach out to us and let us take care of your packaging needs. 


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